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10 Down Payment Bad Credit Auto Financing - Seattle

A good down payment in the range of 10 to 15 percent may be required by some lenders. However, there are lenders available that offer zero down vehicle loans for people with bad credit or low credit scores. You just need to know where to find them (nexcarz.com). This could be a great option if your disposable cash is limited.

2Guaranteed Low Auto Loan Rates for Bad Credit - What You Need to Know

If your credit situation falls outside certain loan program guidelines doing business with a car dealer that has the ability to pick up the phone and request an exception, from a local Seattle lender or one from around the country, on your behalf is critical. For example, in some cases this influence could mean the difference between paying a 8% or 18% interest rate.

3Before You Start the Car Buying Process

If your credit score is low and you would like to finance a car or truck in Washington State (new or used) you will usually be required to pay a much higher rate of interest. In spite of this, it is very important to take into account that not all vehicle loan programs were created equal. The the reality is there are a number of programs that happen to be much better than others. For this reason it is essential to seek out approval from multiple lending sources. This is what the right dealer will do for you.

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“Given my poor credit score I was sure finding the kind of car I wanted was going to be difficult. However, with nexcarz the process was not only fast and easy but I was able to finance it at a great interest rate.”

-Thomas, Shoreline WA

“I had a great selection of new or used vehicles to choose from and the financing was a snap.”

-Kim, Kirkland WA